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Quik Wikk Rolling Tray Praying Hands

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Stand out with this awesome Quik Wikk x Y Balance collaboration art piece rolling tray This colorful and fun Japanese art rolling tray is made of durable aluminum, that can carry a grinder, tips, paper, and herb. The Quik Wikk rolling tray has a smooth non-stick rolling surface, for a hassle free rolling experience. It has rounded edges so your herb won't get caught in the corners. Easy-to-clean tray, comes in 3 different artwork. This Quik Wikk Praying Hands rolling tray comes in one size: Small (7" x 5").

The small size is perfect for your daily essentials, and great for carrying along inside your Quik Wikk Hard Travel Case, Quik Wikk Smell Proof Softbag, or Quik Wikk Backpack.

What Are Rolling Trays?
Imagine a chef without a cutting board! A rolling tray is very similar to a culinary tray to keep everything together in one place so you can avoid spills and messes. Rolling trays perform the same action as a food tray. When a consumer grinds up weed, you'll essentially need a clean flat surface to catch all the finely grinded herb. You can then use the smooth surface of your rolling tray to roll a joint, roll a blunt, or pack a bowl while saving any excess herb that falls down. No one wants to waste that precious herb.

Where To Use Rolling Trays?
Rolling Trays come in handy when having a sesh in your bedroom, your car, the living room, at a camping trip, party, beach and at the backyard.