Blue Soft Bag
Blue Soft Bag
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SOLD OUT Quik Wikk Soft Bag Smell Proof Blue

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Check out the Quik Wikk 100% Smell Proof Soft Bag. It is specially created to fit all your storage needs. It has a nice smooth touch to it with a rubber Quik Wikk zipper head for that extra grip.

This smell proof soft case can be a bag, a stash case, a dab rig case, so you can feel safe and discrete as you go on with the day.

Weather Resistant Material for maximum protection. The Interior has 2 zippered pockets to keep your lighters, papers, hemp wick and small accessories safe and organized. Oh, it also has a cool Marijuana leaf Quik Wikk pattern inside.

The Smell Proof Soft Bags have 2 zippered pockets inside for that extra stash and space and organization. They are available in six colors. Pick the color or pattern of your choice and grab one today!


12 inches x 8 inches x 5 inches
Gently Padded
Smell Proof
Easy to Clean
Great for Smoking Gear
Soft Travel Bag
2 Interior Pockets
Zippered Closure