The Benefits of Owning a Rolling Tray

Why Smokers Use Rolling Trays for Weed?


Imagine a chef without a cutting board. That's just asking for a big mess. A Rolling Tray is a necessary accessory every smoker needs to have.

One of my biggest pet peeves is to drop and lose weed! It’s a horrible nightmare, especially once you finely grind the herb in a grinder, you want to make sure you have a smooth, flat, unbendable surface so you can roll, wrap, and pack bowls properly and peacefully. No one likes a crooked, curved joint or blunt anyway.

Rolling Trays usually range from $9.99 - $14.99 making it an affordable yet very useful investment piece for all stoners. Yes, all stoners.

Best Rolling Trays for Weed

As more and more people are turning to Marijuana for natural ways of medicating, you may have been noticing more tray designs, styles, and artwork in the market nowadays for every type of consumer. Below, you can find my favorite 3 Rolling Trays for Weed.




Quik Wikk has collaborated with a popular Japanese artist to create the Quik Wikk x Y-Balance collaboration series. The tray itself is like a piece of art, with a comfortable, slidable, smooth surface. Simply wipe down the tray with a soft cloth after use to keep it clean. It is hard to bend and lasts many sessions. I recommend grabbing the entire series yourself. Trust me, you can never have enough rolling trays. Carry them in your car for that car sesh or keep it in your bedroom or living room while you “Netflix and Chill.”

Fun fact: The Quik Wikk Medium size Travel Cases have been specifically designed to snugly fit the 7” x 5” rolling tray. That’s perfect for stoners who are on the go often, or work and have to smoke in the car. You can keep your pipes, papers, grinders, lighter, hemp wick, stash all in one while it locks the smell in. Want that extra seal of protection? Grab a Smell Proof Quik Wikk Backpack and place the Travel Case inside for that next level, extra protection.

Now that you have graduated Rolling Tray 101 it is time to grab a few Rolling Trays. Don’t forget to save yourself 25% with LOVE25.