Spring Into The Summer 2022 Essential Bag: Quik Wikk Sling Chest Bag

chest pack

Summer is nearing, and the only thing that comes to mind is the sun, the heat, beaches, barbecues, family & friend gatherings, festivals, good vibes and traveling.. Whether you’re taking a day off and hitting the beach, going to San Diego for the weekend, traveling to Miami, going to festivals or outdoor events, a useful, trustworthy Chest Sling Bag comes in very-very handy. (Plus: It’s Smell Proof, so you won’t be stinking like a skunk)

Quik Wikk releases its latest collection of colorful, functional accessories & outerwear by bringing out Eight new colors for the Smell Proof Sling Chest Bag.

chest pack

This isn’t some generic fanny pack you found in your attic. What about it? Fashionable, fun and useful. There’s zippers and compartments inside, so you can be extra organized.

New Features:
There’s four rings and adjustable straps so you can wear it any style you want. So it’s up to you if you want to wear it as a Chest Pack, Sling Bag, or just a carry bag, the Quik Wikk Sling Chest Bag is designed to improve your lifestyle by being fashionable, slick, smell proof and organized.

Besides offering eight cool colors and patterns, the interior of all the Smell Proof Quik Wikk Sling Chest Bags come with the Summer Lifestyle pattern.

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