New Travel Cases

Quik Wikk has just revealed two new additions to the hard shell Small Travel Case family. Say hello to the Small Baby Blue Travel Case and the Small Green Camouflage.
camouflage travel case

If you cannot choose between dark and bright color, the Quik Wikk Black and Neon Lime Green Travel Case is for you. If not, they have White Camouflage, Neon Green, Purple, and Orange Tiger to choose from. The two tone case makes it very fashionable and gives it a loud touch to it, and the exterior has an easy clean smooth surface. It keeps everything together and it doesn’t take up too much space in your backpack, car, purse or bag. On the inside you'll find two pockets in a 70/30 layout for an extra layer of convenience.

The Quik Wikk Small Hard Shell Case is perfect for glass pipes, blunts, joints, oil pens, tips, lighters, hemp wick, and smaller daily accessories you must travel with. It’s gently padded and tightly secures odor as you zip away with the iconic Quik Wikk zipper head it features. It’s small, convenient, and perfect if you’re always on the go or taking smoking breaks in your car. (Promise, you won’t forget anything now.)