Must Have Rolling Trays - 5 Cool Reasons Why Quik Wikk Rolling Trays Are a Must

Quik Wikk Rolling Trays are not your ordinary, boring, generic, stained, ‘rolling trays’ nowadays. They’re pieces of artwork, as it shouts out character, emotions and culture based on your daily lifestyle.

Quik Wikk has teamed up with a bright and sharp Japanese artist “Y-Balance” as he incorporates modern day NFT themed with traditional Japanese artwork.

Below are Five reasons why we believe everyone needs (and deserves) a
Quik Wikk x Y-Balance collaboration Rolling Tray

One. All new artwork. New Japanese Tattoo NFT theme. Quik Wikk collaborated with artist ‘Y-Balance’ from Fukuoka, Japan. The artist captures traditional Japanese themes with modern day art and various choices of colors.


rolling trays


Two. Fits in our Hard Shell Travel Cases. It's designed to fit in the 5x7 case

Three. Makes Life Organized & Fun. There are 8 colors available and there’s 7 days in a week. They’re great to switch up and ideal to take and travel with everywhere.

Four. Convenience. Makes life easier when rolling, grinding, or packing. Even for vapes! Saves weed as it falls on the tray. Not on your lap or all over the car.

rolling tray

Five. Ideal party pieces. Whether you’re puffing on Sativa, Indica and Hybrid buds, you can have different trays for different strains. The trays are talking pieces. Show off your style and character with the trays.

With Nine custom art pieces and various colors for him and her, (As always) they make some awesome gifts for stoners and art lovers. 

rolling trays