Best Smell Proof Backpacks and Cases for Staying Organized

If there’s one thing I cannot stand, it’s forgetting things. I’ll admit it, it has happened to me several times and I am haunted by the bad experiences it caused until today. It was a rough day at work and I had finally clocked out to take my lunch break aka my smoke break. I got out of the elevators, left the building, ran to the parking garage, and got in the car. I reached under my seat to find the paper bag which had the weed, found my pipe somewhere, had my tray laying around, but I had no lighter. lighter. It was the biggest burn! Time was running out, and this was going to be the worst lunch break ever! It’s not like I was able to ask to borrow a lighter from a fellow workmate! It would have been way too obvious, way more of a burn. So I had to wait countless hours until I could smoke that victory bowl once I got home.   

Fortunately, Quik Wikk has brought out many solutions to this mess with their various travel bags and cases that allow you to keep your daily essentials neat, organized, and nightmare free or stupid proof if you forget things all the time. 

Say goodbye to forgetting your weed, pipe, lighter, hemp wick, grinder, tray, papers, and your daily essentials. From hard travel cases, to soft bags, small to large, sling bags to chest bags, Quik Wikk has many colors and patterns to choose from. And if you can’t choose one, get a few! They make great gifts and your friends will totally appreciate the love.

Below I have listed some of my favorite Quik Wikk products that will keep your daily essentials safe, organized, and even odor free while you’re on the go. (That sure comes in handy.) Let’s get to it stoners!

The Black and Neon Lime Green Travel Case
If you cannot choose between dark and bright color, the Quik Wikk Black and Neon Lime Green Travel Case is for you. If not, they have White Camouflage, Neon Green, Purple, and Orange Tiger to choose from. The two tone case makes it very fashionable and gives it a loud touch to it, and the exterior has an easy clean smooth surface. It keeps everything together and it doesn’t take up too much space in your backpack, car, purse or bag. On the inside you'll find two pockets in a 70/30 layout for an extra layer of convenience.The Quik Wikk Small Hard Shell Case is perfect for glass pipes, blunts, joints, oil pens, tips, lighters, hemp wick, and smaller daily accessories you must travel with. It’s gently padded and tightly secures odor as you zip away with the iconic Quik Wikk zipper head it features. It’s small, convenient, and perfect if you’re always on the go or taking smoking breaks in your car. (Promise, you won’t forget anything now.)

travel case


The Medium White Camouflage Case
If you want to go to a connoisseur level where you need to travel with a Rolling Tray to break those buds, a grinder to finely grind that flower, and other larger accessories, then this is the case for you! It is designed to securely fit the 7” x 5” rolling tray, and have enough room for your accessories.

Like the Small Quik Wikk Hard Travel Case, the Medium Travel Case has a wider mesh pocket, so you can securely fit larger pipes, bubblers, blunts, joints, oil pens and vapes, or whatever else you want to securely fit in the travel case.


Smell Proof Green Camouflage Soft Bag
Traveling? Staying at a hotel? Or want to simply keep all your products organized in your room and have it all in one bag? Search no more. The Quik Wikk Smell Proof Soft Bags are zipper sealed, and has a lot of space inside for your accessories, even a small bong. There’s a zippered pocket inside for stash and contains several pockets inside for longer objects, joints, blunts, oil pens, vapes. To top it off, the interior has a Quik Wikk pattern that rocks a Marijuana leaf, pretty cool! Dimensions: 13 inches by 6 inches in case you’re wondering. And opens wider.

Smell Proof Quik Wikk Backpack
Whether you’re going to school and you want to rock a modern tactical backpack or you’re going to be traveling with your needed accessories, this Quik Wikk Smell Proof Backpack has so much space, and zippered pockets inside and outside. The inside secret pockets are perfect for carrying that stash while being discrete and odor free. It’s durable and comfortable, so you can wear it long term and not feel like you’re jugging a tree on your back.
It comes in Blue, Black, and Green Camouflage, and even has a padded laptop sleeve inside. Cool eh? So pick one for you and your best friends, start school in style and odor free, if you know what I mean.

Quik Wikk Sling Shoulder Bag
If you’re going to a party, festival, theme park and you need to travel with your oil pens, vapes, the Quik Wikk Sling Shoulder Bag will make life super convenient and you’ll feel rest assured with the Smell Proof lining. Plus you can show everyone you have awesome style with the large Quik Wikk Logo.

The Smell Proof accessories will allow you to stand out and look fashionable, without the worry or paranoid feeling of carrying that stinky, dank, weed that we all know causes heads to turn in a matter of microseconds. (We call that a burn.)  

Now that you are aware of the various travel bags and cases that will keep your daily essentials in one place and organized, it’s time to shop and save 25% with LOVE25.