Cool Products for New Years Eve - Stoner Approved

Got plans for New Years Eve? Whether you're going to a friend's house, Aunt Katherine's house, a family member's house, a party, club, or any event, here are some smart and cool ways to safely carry all your accessories & daily smoking needs with Quik Wikk Smell Proof products. (AKA your stash)
If you are going to take some kushy, yummy, stinky herbs with you along with a pipe, paper, blunt, joint, or vaporizer and want to stay lowkey, we suggest the Quik Wikk Smell Proof Shoulder Bags, Quik Wikk Smell Proof Chest Packs, or any Quik Wikk Smell Proof Soft Bag.
Quik Wikk Shoulder Bag:
shoulder bag
Quik Wikk Soft Bag:
soft bag
Quik Wikk Smell Proof Bag:
The Quik Wikk Shoulder Bag & the Quik Wikk Chest Packs are the perfect smell proof bag/accessory for outdoor events like bars, lounges, parties, clubs, BBQ's, essentially any event where you'll be walking around, standing up, raising glasses, dancing, talking and mingling with others. You get the feel. They also make GREAT conversation pieces. With 6 colors to choose from, there's definitely a color and vibe that will attract your attention. Who knows, you can even meet the love of your life by rocking a Quik Wikk accessory. Try and find out for yourself.
Quik Wikk Smell Proof Soft Bag:
soft bag
This product is great if you're going to a house party, a dinner event, a friend's house and need all your accessories and belongings in one bag. The Soft Bag contains zippered pockets inside as well as pockets - so you can hold many products. You can properly carry a rolling tray, grinder, pipe, bubbler, vape pen, your herbs, hemp wick, lighter, and still have room for keys, cell phone and personal items.
All in all, these Smell Proof bags are light, durable, fashionable and definitely functionable. As soon as you seal the Quik Wikk zipper, all goes any whiff of that skunky weed smell which causes many many heads to turn as you are walking.
There you have it. Stay safe, smell proof and always remember to have fun.
To a good 2022! Happy New Year from all of us at Quik Wikk!