Benefits of Using Hemp Wick

As more Marijuana consumers are looking out for healthier ways of smoking, the use of hemp wick has grown immensely. Almost every smoke shop, headshop or dispensary now carries hemp wick, like the Quik Wikk mini in the jar. It's become the ketchup and mustard to french fries.
Using hemp wick is seriously such a beneficial tool to avoid the harmful effects caused from the butane lighter when smoking medical marijuna. The butane lighter has several chemicals that you don't want ending up in your body. Luckily Quik Wikk has created a healthier option.
quik wikk mini jar
What is hemp wick you ask? Hemp wick is a fiber that is made out of the Hemp plant, formed into a thin rope like wick that has been dipped in beeswax. This gives the smoker a safer form of lighting up. Instead of burning the herb or tobacco with the butane lighter, hemp wick users burn the hemp wick with a lighter, and then use the lit wick as the cleaner flame. This helps smokers avoid harmful chemicals found in everyday butane lighters which also masks the flavor of the herb you are smoking. Try using hemp wick next time you have a sesh, I promise you will instantly notice a difference in flavor, as it will be much smoother, cleaner, and flavorful (A butane free experience!

How do I use hemp wick?

Using hemp wick is quite simple and once you get the hang of it and notice the difference in taste and quality, you will never go back to just using a lighter. Many even notice the harsh, nasty, taste of the butane after you get used to the pure taste of the herb thanks to hemp wick!
Essentially, grab your Quik Wikk Mini Hemp Wick Spool and grab your butane lighter and light the end of the hemp wick.  Agentle, very controlled flame will appear and slowly burn through the wick, sorta' like a candle. It burns slowly and gently. When you are ready to take a puff, use the lit wick like you would with a regular lighter and hold it above your bowls, blunts or joints. As you inhale, you will be avoiding butane and toxic chemicals found in butane lighters, only the herb. When ready to extinguish, either gently blow at the wick like a candle or give it a nice shake to kill the fire. You'll know when you try.

Best hemp wick for smoking weed.

People are loving and relying on the Quik Wikk Mini hemp wick spool. It's a small gadget that belongs in the daily essentials of a smoker. It's a plastic spool that holds 4 feet of hemp wick. Hemp wick usually comes loose like a shoelace, or in a match stick box, which can easily get sticky and messy everywhere. The plastic spool has been designed to protect your hemp wick and also not make a mess everywhere. However,  using the Quik Wikk Mini spool of hemp wick can protect your pockets, backpacks, bags and your hemp wick from becoming a mess as the design prevents anything else from touching the material.
The awesome Hemp Wick Mini spools come in 12 fun and popular colors. Grab a dozen or two now, and share with all your friends and family.